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Making Time Count and surfing the waves of change | Lizzie Bean | Friday 21 April 2023

Infection control | Sam (DD) | Friday 20 January 2023

Mindful Meditation is your superpower | Mandy Johnson | Friday 04 November 2022

Safeguarding | Claire Lucas | Friday 14 October 2022

Valuing communications and emotional well-being | The Beckies (Thriving Language) | Friday 23 September 2022

Building a Productive Team | (Glenys, May 2022)

Journey of Improvement Building a Productive Team At a time when recruiting new team members is more challenging than ever before, staff retention is essential. To ensure you retain staff managers must invest […]

Valuing Communications and Emotional Wellbeing (Jones-Miranda, 2022)

Valuing Communications and Emotional Wellbeing | Susan Jones-Miranda | Friday 20th May 2022 Aims: Why it’s the energy behind what you do that creates the outcome Perception is everything Nervous system regulation Outcomes […]

Oral Medicine (Robert Bate, 2022)

First Aid & Medical Emergencies (Gazzard, 2022)

First Aid & Medical Emergencies | Jackie Gazzard | Friday 4th March 2022 Aims: Do you know how to put a sling on a injured arm? Do you know how to deal with […]

The role of the health care team in preventative management of caries and minimally invasive treatment of the deeper carious lesion (Banerjee, 2022)

Professor Avijit Banerjee presenting minimally invasive therapy. This course will cover: Preventing dentistry “MI” way, the minimally invasive management of occlusal caries, “MI” management of the deep carious lesion; take it, leave it […]

Radiography Update and CBCT

Digital-Analog Integration (Aloum, 2022)

3 Step Additional, Adhesive Rehabilitation (Vailati, 2022)

3 Step additional, Adhesive Rehabilitation | Francesca Vailati | Friday 20th May 2022 In a profession where competition is very high, ADDITIVE Prosthodontics is the answer to propose treatments that nobody does. For […]

Making Your Way Back to Bean (Bean, 2022)

Periodontal Treatment Guidelines (Chapple & Newton, 2022)

Periodontal Treatment Guidelines | Iain Chapple & Tim Newton | Friday 04th March 2022 Course Outline Periodontal Disease is prevalent and has an impact on quality of life and well-being, affecting an estimated […]

Minimally Invasive Anterior Aesthetics (Dipesh Parmar, 2022)

Minimally Invasive Anterior Aesthetics | Dipesh Parmar | Friday 14th January 2022 Course Outline Minimally invasive aesthetic dentistry should not compromise the remaining dentition any more than is absolutely necessary to secure pleasing […]

Dental Risk (Willat, 2021)

Dental Risk Day | Susie Willat (MDDUS) | Friday 26th November 2021

Dental Risk (Henderson, 2021)

Dental Risk Day | Stephen Henderson (MDDUS) | Friday 26th November 2021 Introduction Dental practices have been put under extraordinary pressure in the past 20 months causing severe tests to personal and professional […]

Self Leadership Secrets (Pothalingham, 2021)

Self Leadership Secrets | Dr. Menaca Pothalingham | Friday 24th September 2021 Aims: Setting goals understanding what motivates them so that you can achieve them consistently. Becoming more productive personally and professionally by […]

Oral and Systemic Wellness (Katherine Moulton, 2021)

Aims: Identify the range of medical conditions linked with periodontal disease Discuss the oral and systemic health links Identify extra oral factors which may indicate health risks Describe our role in educating patients […]