Dr. Menaca Pothalingham

About Dr. Menaca Pothalingham

Dr Menaca Pothalingam is a leadership and resilience trainer for healthcare professionals, who wants to make healthcare professionals find happiness and success.

She specialises in healthcare Leadership and Resilience to assist them to be the person, professional & leader they aspire to be, so that they can lead themselves, their teams and business.

Her 25 years of experience as a dentist, practice owner, lecturer and trainer, along with qualifications in leadership, coaching, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, NLP and hypnotherapy, helps her to know their difficulties, and how to overcome them.

Her training sessions will aid them to be healthier professionals who can serve at their best, cultivate a happier workplace, create high performing teams, provide high-quality care and satisfied patients that lead to a thriving career & practice.

Menaca’s aim is to aid healthcare professionals to become the person, professional & leader they aspire to be.

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