Sue Jones-Miranda

Sue Jones-Miranda | Transpersonal Coach

Sue has a background in teaching and having been an entrepreneur for 8 years she understand how easy it is to live a life full of overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration. When Sue became a mother to Luna, who is now 5, she made a decision that she was going to live life differently.

Sue wanted the thriving business as an entrepreneur, she wanted to be a present mum and wife, she wanted to be able to have time for herself to connect and she wanted to experience all the other pieces in-between. She just wasn’t sure how as all the evidence out there of entrepreneurs was it required hard work and a lot of sacrifice and time.

Her mission: How to have balance in a busy life.

Today, as a Transpersonal Coach for the Ever-Expanding Woman Sue is a living example of this and now teaches this to others. She teaches people how to have an acute awareness of their conditioning around how things have to be done so they can choose different beliefs and align those with their action. This creates powerful and energetic beings which activates a confidence in them to do the things they have always wanted to do and live a life that lights them up.

Sue will share her expansive perception of life and how we have the power through our perception to create the change our heart longs for.

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