GID | Managing Patients with Additional Needs | Natalie Bradley Beanie Robinson | Friday 29 November 2024

Managing Patients with Additional Needs | Natalie Bradley Beanie Robinson | Friday 29 November 2024


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Managing Patients with Additional Needs in General Dental Practice


Natalie Bradley

I am currently a Specialist in Special Care Dentistry based in London and Clinical Director for Dentaid Charity.

I graduated from Newcastle University before moving down to London to complete foundation training. I then completed a year of dental core training, alongside working part time as an associate. I have extensive experience working within a community dental setting, treating special care and paediatric patients as well as out of hours care.

From this I realised my passion is to treat the most vulnerable people in our society; hence my choice of speciality. I also realised I needed to pursue my other passions of strong leadership cultures and innovation; therefore I completed a fellowship with the Office of the Chief Dental Officer and I am an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur working on solutions to help vulnerable people access dentistry.

I love to write, blog, scribble away my ideas and have had several publications in magazines and journals as well as being a freelance blog writer for Colgate and Colgate Professional.

My other passion is education and support for the next generation of dentists. This passion lead me to launch my personal coaching business supporting young dentists in their careers, and I am a consultant and lecturer for Dental Training Consultants.

Beanie Robinson

Not long ago, I was in a place perhaps too familiar to you: overwhelmed, stressed and in need of a compassionate ear. My mission is simple: to apply everything I’ve learned in my years of being a nutritionist to help you reach your goals with a clear mind, a plan you can stick to – and a fresh glow.

As a certified nutritionist, my goal is to help you see past the fad diets and misconceptions you have about weight loss and nutrition. I guide you to compassionately tune into your body’s needs rather than rejecting them.


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