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Opportunities and benefits of membership

As a GID member you have access to one of the best postgraduate programmes available in the country and we are welcoming new members.

We attract internationally renowned speakers covering a full range of clinical and allied topics and we ensure the GDC core subjects are delivered every five years as required by current regulations.

Our monthly membership fees are extremely competitive, especially in comparison to usual daily delegate rates. All our planned courses for all groups can be viewed here.

Following submission of your details you will receive notification that your registration has been approved and you will be able to log in. Dentist and Hygienist members are required to sign up to a monthly direct debit, nurses and managers are registered and then asked to pay for those individual courses attended. Members can book future courses at their leisure.

Benefits of membership

  • World renowned CPD right on your doorstep
  • Excellent value for money compared with usual delegate day rates
  • Preferential rates with our leading sponsor – Dental Directory and their associated accounts
  • Include all the team with the Nurse, Hygiene and managers groups too
  • Benefit from offers by relevant and current trades, at each study day
  • Don’t do it alone – the perfect way to meet other like minded individuals in a friendly and supportive environment

Membership to our group also entitles you to excellent deals for materials, consumables and services through our preferred dealer – Dental Directory (DD). DD’s business relationships also mean members can take advantage of other offers such as reduced rate DBG membership, discounts on MedFx and Torque products and training and compliance. As our preferred supplier and sponsor for over 20 years, DD have a dedicated GID team which provides us with a mutually beneficial relationship.

As a member you will also be eligible to attend a variety of social events and celebrations. We have an annual wine tasting event and historically have also enjoyed charity fund raisers, marking of special occasions with gala dinners, golf days, clay pigeon shooting and the Christmas parties.

If you would like to become a GID member, of any group, please register with us on this website. Once your details have been checked you will receive an email containing the payment instructions required to secure your membership. When payment has been confirmed, you will be able to book onto our study days.

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MEMBERSHIP FEES Dentist Nurse Hygienist Manager
Registration Fee (one-off) £ 50 £ 0 £ 10 £ 30
Monthly subscription £ 57 £ 0 £ 20 £ 10
On-the-door £ 0 £ 10 £ 0 £ 0
Direct Debit Mandate: link - link link
. . . . .
GUEST FEES Dentist Nurse Hygienist Manager
Per event £ 345 £ 75 £ 125 £ 125
non_dentist_guest £145 . . .
. . . . .
TEAM MEMBER FEE Dentist Nurse Hygienist Manager
Dentist event - £ 110 £ 110 £ 110
Nurse event £ 10 - £ 10 £ 10
Hygienist event £ 75 £ 75 - £ 75
Manager event £ 75 £ 75 £ 75 -
. . . . .
DIRECT DEBIT FORMS Dentist - Hygienist Manager

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